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What is a verified account?

Overlap is offering verified accounts to travel companies, allowing them to post upcoming program itineraries and link back to their site for bookings.

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Verified Accounts for Travel Communities

Benefits of Verified Accounts 

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Target followers' wishlists to promote upcoming trips

If 300 travelers following your  account have listed Medellin in their wishlists, they’ll be alerted when you post a travel itinerary including Medellin. 

Increase viewership from travelers with mutual connections to your community

Deepen Community Connections

Is your travel community using an online forum to connect for future travel or seek recommendations for upcoming trips? Overlap provides a platform to more easily meet, plan, and stay connected.

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Incentivize sign-ups based on mutual connections

Allow potential travelers to see who will be on upcoming trips/meetups and how many mutual connections they have. 

“Oh Dani’s going to Medellin? Sign me up!”

Provide Key Insights

Gain valuable information about your company. Get visibility into destinations with high interest from your community, enabling you to curate meetups or group trips that effectively meet proven demand. 

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Interested in a verified account?

Thanks! We'll get back to you soon.

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