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Getting Started with Overlap

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Welcome to Overlap! We're so happy you've joined our community of nomads and travelers. Follow this quick and easy guide to get the most out of your account.

Getting your profile set up

After account creation, you will find yourself with an empty profile. Time to set it up! There are three sections in your profile:


Countries you are interested in visiting

Upcoming Trips

Countries, cities, or locations you have plans to visit

Where I've Been

Countries, cities, and locations you have visited before

Click on the plus buttons next to each section to fill in your profile. Once you add countries visited, your country count will fill up, and you will see what percentage of the world you have visited. Your map will change colors to reflect places visited.

Click on countries in Where I've Been to add cities and dates for past trips. These will reflect as pins on the map banner on your profile.


Finding Friends

On the bottom bar, you will find a tab labeled "connections" with a search icon. Click to this to start connecting with friends on the app!

You can search by name, email, or username. Once you have added some friends, we will start recommending more based on number of mutual connections.

Coming soon: Add your phone number to search your contacts and find people you know on the app.

Coming soon: Connect your Facebook account and let us find your connections for you on the app

Coming soon: We will recommend users to you based on similar travel dates and locations

Click the invite link in the top right to send your personal invite to your friends!

Use the segmented controller on the bottom to navigate between suggested friends, your friends, and pending requests


View your Map

Once you've added some friends, tap on the tab labeled Map to see their upcoming plans, displayed on a zoomable world map.

In the top right, you can tap Current to change the view to your friends' current locations

Tab back to Upcoming to see their planned trips. Try tapping "Search Specific Date Range" to look up specific dates, or use the < chevrons > to tab back and forth between months.

As you add more contacts, your map will fill up with plans. Tap any pin to find details about the upcoming trip and direct message the user for more info.


Overlap Notifications

Click the notifications tab to see your Overlap alerts. We will send you three different types of alerts:


When creating a new trip, you can check a box asking for recommendations from your friends. If you check this and a friend has been to this location before, we will alert you to ask them for recs! We will also prompt them to send you info on that destination


If you share a wishlist item with a friend, we will send an alert letting you know that you are both interested in going to the same place. Now you can make plans to go there together!

Crossing Paths

This is the big one: if you and a friend will be in the same country or city at the same time, we will send this alert so that you can make plans to connect up.


We hope this guide helps you get started with Overlap! We are building out lots of new features every day to help nomads and travelers keep track of their community. Explore the app, and let us know what you think!

Have any feedback or feature requests, please let us know here!




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