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Introducing Exclusive Nomad Discounts: Elevate Your Travel and Remote Work Experience with Overlap!

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

We've partnered with top-notch companies like Airalo, Remote Year, Hostelworld, Outsite, and more to bring you incredible deals tailored for digital nomads.

Hey there, fellow nomads! We're thrilled to announce that Overlap has partnered with some incredible brands to bring you exclusive discounts and offers tailored to enhance your travel and remote work lifestyle. We've carefully curated a selection of trusted partners who understand the unique needs of digital nomads. Let's dive deeper into each of our exciting collaborations:

🌐 Airalo eSIMs

Stay connected seamlessly wherever you go with Airalo's eSIMs. These virtual SIM cards eliminate the hassle of dealing with physical cards and provide reliable, affordable data plans in over 190 countries. With Airalo, you can easily switch between local networks without missing a beat, ensuring uninterrupted communication and internet access during your nomadic adventures.

🌍 Remote Year

Are you ready to embark on a life-changing journey while working remotely? Remote Year offers an extraordinary opportunity to travel the world with a community of like-minded professionals. Imagine spending a month or more in different breathtaking destinations, immersing yourself in local cultures while maintaining your remote work. It's an incredible way to expand your horizons, form lifelong friendships, and create unforgettable memories.

🏨 Hostelworld

Seeking budget-friendly accommodations without compromising on quality? Hostelworld is the go-to platform for finding a wide range of hostels and budget hotels worldwide. With a vast selection of options, you can discover affordable and comfortable places to stay, connecting with fellow travelers and embracing the vibrant backpacking culture. Whether you're exploring bustling cities or serene nature destinations, Hostelworld has got you covered.

🏡 Outsite

Need a productive and inspiring workspace while on the move? Outsite provides co-living and co-working spaces designed for digital nomads like you. Their beautifully curated locations offer a perfect blend of comfortable accommodations and professional work environments. Connect with other remote professionals, collaborate on exciting projects, and indulge in the local culture—all while enjoying a supportive and creative community.

💼 SafetyWing

Your well-being is essential, no matter where you roam. SafetyWing offers comprehensive global health insurance specifically tailored for digital nomads. With their flexible and affordable coverage, you can access quality healthcare worldwide, ensuring peace of mind throughout your nomadic journey. Stay protected and focus on exploring new horizons without worrying about unexpected medical expenses.

(Available in-app only)

✈️ Going (Scott's Cheap Flights)

Dreaming of finding incredible flight deals for your next adventure? Going, powered by Scott's Cheap Flights, is your ticket to affordable travel. They scour the web for the best flight offers, helping you discover hidden gems and save big on airfare. With their expertise in finding discounted fares, you can turn your wanderlust into unforgettable experiences without breaking the bank.

🌍 Google Workspace

Boost your productivity with Google Workspace, the ultimate suite of collaboration tools. From Gmail and Google Drive to Google Docs and Google Meet, Google Workspace offers a seamless and efficient way to stay connected and collaborate with your remote team. With our exclusive discount, you can unlock the full potential of Google Workspace at a fraction of the cost, making remote work a breeze!

🎧 AudioPen

AudioPen is not just your ordinary voice transcription service. In addition to transcribing your voice notes, it goes a step further by extracting the most important content and rewriting it in clear, structured text. This means you can freely ramble and record unstructured voice notes without worrying about following a transcript. You can literally think out loud!

⚡ Speedify

Stay connected with reliable and fast internet wherever you go with Speedify. This robust VPN and channel bonding service combines multiple internet connections, giving you a seamless and secure browsing experience. Say goodbye to frustrating connection drops and hello to uninterrupted work and entertainment. With our exclusive discount, you can unlock the power of Speedify and stay connected to the digital world effortlessly.

📝 Notion

Take your organization and productivity to the next level with Notion. This all-in-one workspace allows you to create customized notes, databases, to-do lists, and more, all in a single platform. From project management to content planning, Notion empowers you to stay organized and collaborate effectively. With our exclusive discount, you can unlock premium features and transform your workflow with ease.

🎓 Linkedin Learning

Fuel your personal and professional growth with Linkedin Learning. Gain access to thousands of online courses covering a wide range of topics, from business and technology to creative skills and personal development. Sharpen your skills, explore new interests, and stay ahead in your industry with expert-led video tutorials. With our exclusive discount, you can unlock a world of knowledge and take your learning journey to new heights.

(coming soon)

These are just a few of the exciting partnerships we've established to bring you exclusive nomad discounts. We're committed to helping you make the most of your travel and remote work experience. Keep an eye out for more exciting collaborations in the future!

To access these exclusive discounts and unlock incredible benefits, simply head over to the Discounts section of our site. We're continuously working to bring you the best deals and partnerships, so stay tuned for more exciting announcements.

Happy travels and productive remote work days ahead!

Your friends at Overlap




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