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Overlap App Launches Seamless Platform Where Digital Nomads, Backpackers, and Travelers Connect

Updated: Aug 14

Overlap offers a refreshing way for travelers to stay in touch, make plans, and more

Overlap, Nomads and Travelers, Backpackers, App

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, SEPTEMBER 18, 2022 - Overlap has officially launched, offering a simple to use and feature-rich app for allowing digital nomads, backpackers, RV-ers, van lifers, study abroad students, and anyone else who enjoys traveling to seamlessly connect with their friends via their travel plans, because experiencing travel together is far more rewarding than doing it alone.

The Overlap app was co-founded by a team of digital nomads who have experienced loneliness and the potential for lost connections firsthand while traveling full-time. They set out to create an app that would overcome these challenges, which reflect the pain points met by many other travelers. Sharon Rosenberg, Nicholas Zaverdinos, and Jason Hu began work on Overlap in 2021 and recently welcomed fellow globetrotter Joel Herold to the team.

Now, Overlap is available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store and offers features such as the ability to document travels around the world; a notification system that alerts users when there is overlap in upcoming travel plans or wishlist destinations; and personalized recommendations from friends that have visited countries of interest. Friends can see each others’ current locations and upcoming travel plans displayed visually on a world map. Maps, rich imagery, and a user-friendly interface make Overlap a must-have for anyone with wanderlust.

Rosenberg said, “The team is excited to bring this app to the community of travelers and nomads we’ve been a part of for years and can’t wait to see it in use. We’ve been listening to our users’ feedback and continuously iterating it to make the best app out there for frequent travelers.”

Already, the app has had amazing feedback. “This app is fresh, clean, and easy to navigate,” said one recent user. “I’m excited to start tracking my past, present, and future travels and even more thrilled to connect with my digital nomad community.”

Overlap is the premier app for nomads to keep in touch with each other and coordinate sightseeing like never before. Learn more at


The Overlap app gives travelers a seamless way to connect and find future opportunities to travel together.


Sharon Rosenberg


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