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Overlap Launches App for Nomads and Backpackers

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

A New Tool for Travelers to Connect and Plan Future Travel

CALIFORNIA, APRIL 7, 2022- Introducing Overlap, an application designed to connect nomads from all over the world, coordinating travel together by effortlessly informing them when their future travel plans overlap.

Although digital nomads enjoy advantages in freedom and flexibility, they report loneliness as their biggest struggle.

Nomads quickly lose connection with the communities they meet abroad as they move from location to location. Current technologies like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook keep travelers superficially connected, but are not the best tools for staying in the loop on upcoming plans.

Overlap resolves this by prompting its users when their trip plans coincide with other connections, so users never have to travel alone again.

On Overlap, users can:

  • Create a Travelers Profile- add their travel history, future trip plans, and wish list countries

  • Connect with Travelers- discover overlapping plans and coordinate future travels

  • Receive Custom Recommendations- get advice from connections who have been where you're going

The idea began in 2018, when our founder packed up home and left on a four-year nomadic adventure as a solo female traveler. Staying connected to the people she’d met, finding travel companions, and avoiding missed connections became a constant frustration. She conceptualized an app that would do what social media wasn't. It would keep track of the travel plans of all of her connections, and find her opportunities to see them again, elsewhere in the world.

“The team is excited to bring this app to the community of travelers and nomads we’ve been a part of for years, and can't wait to see it in use.” -Sharon Rosenberg, Founder

Overlap is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

About Overlap

Overlap is a Public Benefit Corporation aiming to promote mindful and ethical travel. In 2021, our team began work on the tool for digital nomads, launching today. Read more about our story and team, and find our press kit here.

Media Contact

Sharon Rosenberg

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