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Edinburgh Unveiled: A Digital Nomad's Guide to the Scottish Capital

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Welcome, fellow wanderers, to the captivating city of Edinburgh. Over the past three months, I've had the privilege of calling this enchanting place my home as a digital nomad, and now I want to share my findings with you. Edinburgh is a city where ancient castles proudly overlook rugged hills, where the melodies of bagpipes fill the cobblestone streets, and where the aroma of whisky dances in the air. Join me on a journey through the hidden gems and culinary delights that make Edinburgh a haven for adventurous digital nomads, eager to immerse themselves in the true Scottish spirit. So, let's embrace our wanderlust and embark on a vibrant exploration of this remarkable city. The adventure awaits!

The scenic Dean's Village near City Center

Where to Work

When it comes to seeking out the perfect refuge for a digital nomad's needs in Edinburgh, the city does not disappoint. Whether you crave the buzzing ambiance of a coworking space or the cozy charm of a local café, Edinburgh has got you covered.

For those seeking a collaborative environment, look no further than Codebase Cowork, where a mere £50 per month grants you access to a hot desk pass and a thriving community of like-minded individuals. Alternatively, the renowned WeWork in New Town offers a sleek and modern setting for those in need of a productive workspace.

When it's time for a change of scenery, allow me to divulge some of my favorite café havens. Picture this: the lightning-fast Wi-Fi of Bastard Barista in New Town, perfect for a quick morning jolt (note that it closes at 4pm). Then there's the enchanting Lovecrumbs in West Port, where you can nestle into a delightful window seat or find inspiration at the piano desk. Venture into Old Town and savor the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee at Black Medicine Coffee Co. And let's not forget spacious Coffee Saints by St James Quarter mall, and POP in Morningside, two more hidden gems that offer a harmonious blend of comfortable seating and reliable internet. Edinburgh, with its plethora of nomad-friendly spots, is ready to welcome you with open arms and speedy Wi-Fi connections to fuel your digital endeavors.

The Sunday Market in Stockbridge

Exploring Outside the Historic Center

Ah, the vibrant tapestry of Edinburgh's neighborhoods, each with its own distinct personality and allure. Let's embark on a whirlwind tour. First up, we have Deans Village, a picturesque enclave nestled along the Water of Leith. Stroll through its charming streets, adorned with quaint cottages and historic landmarks, and find solace in the tranquility of its green spaces.

Next, we venture into Bruntsfield, a lively and eclectic neighborhood that effortlessly blends sophistication with a bohemian spirit. Delight in the bustling café culture, where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingles with the chatter of locals and visitors alike. Browse through charming independent boutiques, savor gourmet treats, and relish in the lively atmosphere of Bruntsfield Links, a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.

Moving on, we arrive at Stockbridge, a neighborhood that exudes charm and character at every turn. Lose yourself in its enchanting streets lined with vibrant shops, artisanal markets, and cozy pubs. Take a leisurely stroll along the Water of Leith Walkway, soak up the vibrant atmosphere of the Sunday Stockbridge Market, and discover hidden gems in the area's independent galleries and boutiques.

Now, let's make our way to Quartermile, a modern and cosmopolitan neighborhood situated on the former site of the Royal Infirmary. Marvel at the seamless blend of contemporary architecture and historical remnants, as this urban oasis caters to both work and play. Explore the vibrant mix of eateries, enjoy a leisurely walk through the nearby Meadows, and immerse yourself in the cultural offerings of nearby museums and galleries.

Venturing south, we find ourselves in Morningside, a charming neighborhood that exudes an air of elegance and sophistication. Meander along the bustling Morningside Road, where you'll discover a treasure trove of independent shops, cozy cafes, and inviting eateries. Embrace the neighborhood's literary heritage at the iconic Edinburgh Bookshop, and indulge in a leisurely stroll through the leafy Morningside Gardens.

Lastly, we arrive at Leith, a vibrant and dynamic waterfront district brimming with creativity and culture. Explore the bustling docks, where a thriving arts scene, trendy bars, and eclectic eateries await. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the historic Leith Walk, savoring the tantalizing aromas emanating from its diverse array of international cuisines.

A sunny day in the Meadows

When it's Beautiful Out

On a sunny day in Edinburgh, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy and soak up the sunshine. Head to the Meadows or Harrison Gardens, two beautiful green spaces perfect for a leisurely picnic or some people-watching. A weekend in the Meadows will be full of people barbecuing, slack-lining, picnicking, and playing sports. Spread out a blanket, bring some snacks, and bask in the lively atmosphere as locals and visitors alike gather to enjoy the weather.

For a scenic walk, explore the Union Canal, which stretches through the heart of the city. Take a leisurely stroll along the canal towpath, admiring the tranquil water and the picturesque surrounding areas. The peaceful ambiance and charming canal boats create a serene backdrop for a relaxing afternoon.

If you're up for some adventure and breathtaking views, hiking up Arthur's Seat or Calton Hill is a must. These iconic hills offer panoramic vistas of the city and its stunning skyline. Whether you choose the more challenging hike up Arthur's Seat or the shorter climb to Calton Hill, you'll be rewarded with sweeping vistas that showcase Edinburgh's beauty.

A gorgeous day requires a bike ride down Roseburn Path

For those who prefer a more active day out, consider renting a bike and exploring the city on two wheels. Edinburgh boasts a network of lush bike lanes, including the popular Roseburn Path, which provides a scenic route through the city. Pedal your way through charming neighborhoods, along the waterfront, and discover hidden gems along the way.

No matter which activity you choose, Edinburgh's sunny days offer an array of outdoor experiences to make the most of your time in this captivating city. Enjoy the warmth of the sun and embrace the lively atmosphere as you explore the city's natural beauty and vibrant outdoor spaces.

National Portrait Gallery Edinburgh

... And When it's Not

When the rain clouds roll in, Edinburgh still has plenty to offer. Embrace the city's cultural side by exploring its fascinating museums and galleries. The National Portrait Gallery is a perfect choice, offering free admission and showcasing an impressive collection of portraits that tell the story of Scotland's history and culture. The building itself is beautiful and a great opportunity for photos, yourself. Additionally, Edinburgh is home to several other free museums, such as the National Museum of Scotland, where you can delve into the city's rich heritage and discover intriguing artifacts, world art, and natural history. Try the Surgeon's Hall Museum and go on the weekend Blood and Guts tour for a gruesome yet entertaining peak into Edinburgh's past.

Enjoy a movie at the Scotsman Picturehouse

If you're in the mood for some indoor entertainment, catch a show at the historic Scotsman Picturehouse. This charming movie theater offers vintage vibes and plush chairs as well as a full bar, to enjoy the latest film releases in style.

For those seeking more unconventional activities, head to Boom Battle Bar, where you can engage in exciting and unique experiences like axe throwing and extreme putt-putt golf. Challenge your friends or embrace your competitive side while staying dry indoors.

On a rainy day, there's nothing quite like finding a cozy spot in a café to sip on a warm drink and indulge in some people-watching. Waterstones Books, located on Princes Street, boasts a delightful café where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while browsing through their extensive collection of books. It's the perfect place to get lost in a literary world while staying dry and cozy and enjoying the best views of the castle you'll see in the city.

So don't let the rain dampen your spirits in Edinburgh. Embrace the opportunity to explore the city's cultural treasures, enjoy unique indoor activities, and find solace in the warmth of a cozy café. Rainy days can be just as memorable and enjoyable as sunny ones in this vibrant Scottish capital.

Entrance to Hoot the Redeemer

For a Night Out

When the sun sets and Edinburgh comes alive with its vibrant nightlife, you're in for an unforgettable night out. Begin your adventure on Rose Street, a bustling thoroughfare lined with classic pubs. Step into Amber Rose or the Kenilworth and immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere as you enjoy a pint of local beer and engage in lively conversations with fellow revelers.

For a night filled with live music and a rowdy ambiance, head to Kitty O'Sheas. This iconic pub is known for its energetic atmosphere, live bands, and a wide selection of drinks to keep the party going. If you're in the mood for handcrafted cocktails in a stylish setting, make your way to the Voodoo Rooms. This elegant establishment offers a diverse cocktail menu and often hosts live music events, making it a perfect spot to dance the night away.

For a unique twist on cocktail experiences, visit Hoot the Redeemer. Test your skills on their vintage claw machine to choose your cocktail, adding an element of playful fun to your night out. Another hidden gem in Edinburgh's bar scene is Bramble Bar, a speakeasy-style venue with expertly crafted cocktails and an intimate ambiance. Alternatively, Panda and Sons offers a whimsical atmosphere reminiscent of a 1920s barbershop, complete with creative cocktails and a sense of mystery.

Nightly shows at Stramash

If live music is your passion, don't miss the chance to catch a show at Whistlebinkies or Stramash. These venues showcase local talent and provide a vibrant backdrop for a night of foot-tapping rhythms and energetic performances.

For beer enthusiasts, Innes and Gunn offers a haven of craft brews. Immerse yourself in the flavors of their unique and delicious beers, ranging from classic ales to experimental brews, as you relax and savor the authentic Scottish pub atmosphere.

With its eclectic mix of pubs, bars, and live music venues, Edinburgh has something to suit every taste. Embark on a night out in this dynamic city and let the vibrant energy carry you from one memorable experience to another.

Pizza Posto

Where to Eat

When it comes to satisfying your taste buds in Edinburgh, the city boasts an array of culinary delights to explore. Start your day with a delectable breakfast at Dishoom, where you can indulge in their mouthwatering menu and enjoy bottomless chai. This Bombay-inspired eatery offers a vibrant atmosphere and dishes that will transport you to the streets of India.

For a contemporary dining experience, head to Noto. This trendy restaurant showcases a fusion of Scottish and Mediterranean flavors, with creative dishes that are as visually stunning as they are delicious. Bon Vivant is another noteworthy establishment, known for its seasonal menus and imaginative cuisine. With its cozy ambiance and carefully crafted dishes, it's a perfect spot for a memorable dining experience.

If you're craving authentic Thai cuisine, Dusit Thai is a must-visit. This charming restaurant serves up traditional Thai flavors with a modern twist, ensuring a culinary journey that will leave your taste buds tingling. Ting Thai Caravan is another gem, offering street-food-style Thai dishes bursting with flavor and served in a lively, casual setting.

Pizza lovers will find solace at Pizza Posto, where wood-fired pizzas take center stage. From classic Margherita to inventive creations, their pizzas are made with quality ingredients and crafted to perfection. For a taste of New York-style bagels, Bross Bagels is the go-to spot. Sink your teeth into their freshly baked bagels, generously filled with a variety of delicious ingredients.

For those craving authentic Italian pizza, Franco Manca is a fantastic choice, and has outdoor seating along the Water of Leith. Their sourdough pizzas are prepared with care and feature a range of enticing toppings, providing a true taste of Italy.

Whether you're seeking international flavors or exploring local cuisine, Edinburgh's dining scene has something for every palate. Embark on a culinary adventure and savor the diverse and mouthwatering offerings found throughout the city


Edinburgh, with its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant cultural scene, offers an abundance of experiences for travelers. From exploring the historic landmarks to indulging in delicious cuisine, this city has something to captivate every visitor. Whether you're strolling through the picturesque neighborhoods, immersing yourself in the artistic atmosphere, or simply savoring the flavors of local and international cuisine, Edinburgh promises unforgettable moments and lasting memories. So, pack your bags, venture into the heart of this captivating city, and let Edinburgh weave its enchanting spell upon you. Your adventure awaits!




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