Our Story

​Overlap is an app that makes it easy for travelers to stay connected to their friends from all over the world.

     The idea began in 2018, when our founder packed up home and left on a four-year nomadic adventure as a solo female traveler. While her new experiences as a full-time traveler thrilled her, one thing she couldn't dismiss was the nagging loneliness of lost connections. One day there were new and inspiring people to meet, and the next they'd move on, down their own travel path. She conceptualized an app that would do what social media wasn't. It would keep track of the travel plans of all of her connections, and find her opportunities to see them again, elsewhere in the world.

     In 2021, she brought on two co-founders, Nicholas Zaverdinos and Jason Hu, who brought the vision to life. Both Nick and Jason are also digital nomads and applied their first-hand experiences traveling the world into the features they built for the app. We have most recently expanded to a team of four with the addition of Joel Herold. The team is excited to bring this app to the community of travelers and nomads they've been a part of for years, and can't wait to see it in use.


-Our Mission-

To promote mindful and ethical travel

We plan to incorporate ways to give back to the world in our next releases.

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